Paradox: Web Hosting is the latest thing in web hosting

Green Web Hosting is the latest thing in web hosting, one that more and more people are now wanting.

What is this type of hosting – Green Hosting?

For web development companies, with the theme of things being on “Go Green”, even hosting has gone green and these kinds of hosting companies would ensure such things as: a data center that can be powered directly with the aid of renewable energy, the continuous planting of trees, Carbon offsetting, planting of various plants and even grass in and around their data centers and various day to day activities being carried out to help the Go Green movement, such as conserving energy and making use of appliances that save energy.
With such a hosting, all that is “Go Green” is involved, such as green marketing, focus given on green consumers – consumers who are concerned about keeping the environment green, etc.

Green Web Hosting is now hot

According to worldwide statistical data, the usage of the internet on a global level is increasing with each passing day. And the big news is that this number is increasing from 400 to 1000% each year. As a result of this increase in the usage of the internet, just the electricity bill to run these web hosting servers, comes to $7.2 billion on a global level.
It has also been estimated that if the need for web hosting keeps rising, by the year 2020, the web hosting industry will be causing more pollution than the airline industry – shocking news, but true.

And so the demand for hosting that is Eco-friendly

As there is such a big stress being caused on our natural resources, there is a big need to Go Green in every possible way – thus, the emergence of a need for web hosting services that are Eco-friendly. And perhaps the best news is that you can now get the best in hosting services for as low as 5 bucks a month. So, when you are considering getting hosting, do not forget about the value of Green Web Hosting.