FreeAgent – Simple Accounting Software Review

FreeAgent – Simple Accounting Software

FreeAgent is an incredibly popular piece of software aimed at freelance workers and small business owners. Online Store builder is just one example where to use FreeAgend. With FreeAgent, it is possible to track expenses and payroll, log how you spend your time, track invoices and generate estimates. It is a flexible and powerful piece of software that is good for both one-man bands and small companies.

free agent  software for Store-Builder

free agent software for Store-Builder

Unlike many other pieces of accounting software, it supports filing of tax returns, RTI and VAT. It comes in several different versions, from sole trader to partnership and Ltd company versions, and allows you to add multiple users, clients or projects as you require. The software is slightly more expensive than rivals such as Crunch or Wave Accounting, with the sole trader version being £19 a month, or £190 for a year – however, the ease of use of the software is not to be ignored.

Everything You Need in One Place

Free Agent offers invoicing, expenses, time tracking, banking, VAT, Self Assessment, Corporation Tax and more all in one place. It will automatically generate monthly snapshots showing you how much money is coming in and out of your business, to give you an idea of whether your business is in a financially sound state, or burning cash. It helps you to stay on top of your billing, with a color coded invoice timeline, which shows invoices that have been paid, are due, or are overdue.

free agent  for Store-Builder

software for Store-Builder

Free Agent automatically generates reports based on the information you enter. There’s no need to take the time to run reporting tools yourself. You get up-to-the-minute snapshots about your income and expenses, operating profit, taxes due, dividends (if applicable) and other tools, all in your dashboard.
One of the most useful features is the Tax Timeline. This is a simple addition, but it is one that will take away a lot of stress. It presents you with a calendar of key accounting dates and deadlines, so you always know, well in advance, when you are going to need to do something for the tax man.
Free Agent is one of several accounting tools, and it may well be that it is overkill for your needs. However, it is quite an affordable tool and it is one that can grow with your needs, even if you decide to restructure your company – and for that reason alone it is well worth a look.