Customer’s Canvas – New HTML5 Web to Print Designer

While the technology to allow the creation of custom products has existed for a long time, the customer-facing tools for such a job have, until recently, been rather cumbersome and difficult to use. In addition, the technical challenges surrounding integrating such tools with your website have been massive.

HTML5 based custom product designer

That is all set to change with Customer’s Canvas, a HTML5 based custom product designer that allows customers to put together their own product designs in their web browser, then submit them for printing.
What makes Customer’s Canvas so interesting is that it is designed to be easy to integrate with your existing website. It can be used with PHP, ASP.NET or other major server side technologies, and has no dependencies – simply deploy and use the API with your existing development framework. The full source code is supplied, so you can modify the framework to suit your needs.
The tool allows consumers to design their own custom products, and the designs will be output in high resolution, print-friendly formats so that they will translate to print format with no loss of quality. Designers can use image overlays, curved text and a range of other design features, and have lots of control over the layout and appearance of their products.
Store owners can create templates as Photoshop files, or in the software itself. They can provide placeholder text and image examples, offer overlays that are visible or invisible during the printing process, define different backgrounds, and have other control options for the templates.

HTML5 Web to Print Designer

HTML5 Web to Print Designer

Whether you are making stamps, stationery, posters, business cards or something else entirely, this open source script is ideal for powering your web store. Because it use HTML5, there’s no need for customers to install any browser plugins. It works with most platforms, and it is fast and efficient. It can be used as a standalone script, or integrated with a content management system to produce a more fully featured website. The choice is yours.